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Proteins in the Body Infographic

Our bodies contains a lot of different proteins, each with their unique roles that are vital to our bodies functioning properly. Some work hard to transport substances, others are important for maintaining properly structure, some help send signals; regardless of their roles they work together in the body. This simple infographic introduces some of the main proteins in the body and the important jobs they have.

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Many people suffer from allergies that gets worse during allergy season. Allergens can come in multiple forms – from dust to pollen to food. Allergies comes from an overreactive immune system that interacts with the proteins on allergens and triggers symptoms. Current treatment options consists of medication, allergy shots, and simple home remedies – such as cleaning the house, using humidifiers, and staying hydrated. Fortunately, there is recent research on gene therapy that may be able to help get rid of allergies once and for all.


Understanding CRISPR

CRISPR technology refers to tools used for editing genomes by altering DNA and modifying gene function. It has been applied in the medical field to treat and prevent diseases, and in agriculture to improve crops. This technology is an improvement over TALENS and was adapted from bacteria’s natural defense mechanism. Unfortunately, it faces the limitations of efficiency, off target effects, and genome vandalism. It is also surrounded by controversy and ethical concerns.