Our Mission and Values

We work hard to develop new products to help advance innovation and discovery in the life sciences industry. We make our products meaningful and strive to make a difference in the community. Our goal is to provide labs and researchers with the resources they need to help them efficiently achieve results and accelerate development in science and healthcare. Our work matters, and our values are reflected through our everyday work as and we strive to be the best at what we do while building relationships with the community. Our goal is to become a leading innovator in the life science community.

Our motto has three words: Aim, Innovate, and Motivate
Aim to reach a higher standard.
Innovate to improve and keep moving forward to strive for a better future and achieve our vision.
Motivate research through our products to help advance science and discovery.

Our Story

NuSep is an international biotechnology company that provides products and services to the global life science market. NuSep recently acquired BioInquire which developed the ProteoIQ software enabling NuSep to offer a total proteomics solution from fraction to function. With a 30 year heritage in biological separations, NuSep has forged a world-class reputation for its innovative yet simple biological separation techniques including the world’s first IVF sperm separation device.  NuSep has redefined the BioSeparations market through innovation and simplification. NuSep’s world-renowned team has developed an extensive portfolio of patented products and sells 55 products to customers worldwide. 

Our current focus is on precast gels and other lab supplies used for protein electrophoresis and western blotting. We are hoping to expand into the different aspects of protein discovery and cover the entire protein discovery pipeline – from sample preparation to protein analysis. NuSep conducts research to improve products and tools used by researchers in the life sciences community. 

The NuSep Advantage

As a small company we know we have to work harder, spend more time, and put more effort into our products to gain the trust of our users. As a result, we are willing to go above and beyond in providing high quality products that can help make research easier and more efficient for our customers. We work hard to create products that can make researchers’ job easier and more convenient to help them increase productivity and aid them in their research. We place more effort and time on our products so researchers can spend less time setting up and more time doing research and advancing forward in their field.

Simply order from us and experience the NuSep Advantage that is reflected in our products and service.

nUView Technology

Fast and Reproducible Protein Identification and Visualization
NuSep’s nUView Tris-Glycine gel chemistry uses a unique trihalo compound, which, when activated with UV light, reacts with tryptophan residues allowing for quick visualization of proteins without any staining steps.

Benefits of nUView Technology
Fast. Run gels in as little as 20 minutes and visualize proteins without staining in 2 minutes.
Low running costs. Suitable for use with inexpensive, standard sample and running buffers.
Compatible. Increase speed and efficiency across a variety of workflows.

nUView technology_thin

Technology History

An infographic on the history of precast gels related to NuSep
NuSep traces its roots back to the pioneer biological separations development by Dr. Joel Margolis and Dr. Perry Manusu in the early 1970’s. This productive and innovative partnership produced the world’s first gradient gel, the first micro gel and the first industrial scale electrophoresis separation system. NuSep owes a considerable scientific debt to these two talented scientists and is using this solid intellectual capital foundation to become the premier technology supplier in the BioSeparations market.
The work of Dr. Margolis and Dr. Manusu have produced a number of world firsts:
Prior to 2006
  • 1969 – First gradient gel
  • 1980 – First highly cross-linked gel
  • 1984 – First continuous flow membrane fraction system
  • 1988 – First micro gel
  • 1993 – First solid wells in precast gels
  • 1995 – First large scale gel manufacturing system
  • 2005 – First micro membrane fractionation system
  • 2005 – First electrical separation of sperm
After the NuSep Spinout in 2006
  • 2008 – First SpermSep clinical trial at Westmead Fertility Centre
  • 2010 – Launch of the ProteomeSep instrument
  • 2010 – Launch of the nUView Gels
  • 2010 – Launch of the ProteoIQ preoteomics software
  • 2010 – Development of a disposable method to fractionate human plasma
  • 2010 – Establishment of the world’s first plant in Singapore to manufacture plasma protein using the patented PrIME technology
  • 2011 – Launch of long life Tris-Glycine Gels
From the outset, NuSep was founded as a life science company with a mission to redefine the Biological Separations market based on our novel technology. This has now produced both a novel method to separate human sperm for IVF and separation of Therapeutic Plasma products using a disposable production process.
NuSep will continue to provide the same high quality service and innovative products for biological separations recognized by scientists for over 30 years.