The western blot is a widely used analytical technique used in molecular biology, immunogenetics and other molecular biology disciplines to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue homogenate or extract. NuSep offers a range of reagents and kits for western blot detection and subsequent analysis.

Traditional Method of Western Blot

The traditional way of performing western blot can be inefficient and time consuming with no way of confirming transfer efficiency.

The NuSep Solution

NuSep’s nUView technology offers a solution to this problem that allows you to confirm transfer efficiency and see immediate results.

western blot five steps workflow chart

Want to improve your results?
Our nUView precast gels and a stain free imaging system is the key to seeing a significant improvement in your western blot process.

Protein separation can be visualized on the gel right after electrophoresis. Protein transfer to the membrane can be confirmed and assessed prior to blot detection, and blot normalization can occur without the extra steps required for typical detection.

These improvements enable faster time-to-results and higher data certainty!

Featured Western Blot Categories

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