Speeding Up Gel Electrophoresis Procedures with nUView Technology

When time and costs are major concerns, researchers often cannot afford to spend a full day verifying protein quality after each step of a purification workflow that includes multiple columns . nUView technology allows less time to be spent on electrophoresis by increasing the speed of gel runs and decreasing and/or eliminating the time required for staining.

Traditional Method of Bioprocessing

The NuSep Solution

Saves you time by eliminating the need to stain and destain.

bioprocessing three step workflow chart

● nUView technology can reduce run times to ≤30 minutes , which cuts costs and time required to determine sample purity.
     ○ The rapid run times of nUView electrophoresis procedures can be attributed to a lack of staining and destaining steps that are typically necessary for protein visualization.
● nUView technology uses ultraviolet (UV) irradiation to target aromatic amino acids in native proteins. When exposed to UV radiation, amino acid residues (commonly tryptophan) can be modified with trihalo compounds. Binding a 58-Da moiety increases the fluorescence of tryptophan under UV light, thereby allowing researchers to visualize a sample easily
● nUView gels can be used with the same buffers and reagents as standard SDS-PAGE gels
● nUView Electrophoresis procedures also provide increased dynamic range, increased sensitivity, and a lower limit of detection compared with standard Coomassie staining methods
● Eliminating staining and destaining in favor of UV irradiation and fluorescence results in a more-effective procedure without the use of toxic and hazardous organic material.
● Faster SDS-PAGE procedures due to nUView technology allows them to be used as a complement to chromatography at every stage of a protein purification workflow.
     ○ helps ensure sample purity, which is critical in drug discovery and development applications.

Meeting Analytical Needs

● An increasing number of protein therapeutics in the industry necessitates the development of faster, more cost effective, and generally more effective workflows
● nUView gel electrophoresis significantly improves SDS-PAGE procedures for validating protein purity.

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